Studio Collections

Traditional glass with a contemporary twist. Each piece in the Adam Aaronson Studio Collections is unique and original, created using traditional glassblowing methods, but with Adam’s contemporary twist, harmonious use of colour and simplicity of form.

“Alongside my technically challenging series of artwork, that sometimes take years of development, I also enjoy making a wide variety of smaller pieces that use simpler glassmaking methods. My inspiration comes from myriad sources and the use of colour and form are key. My choices are serendipitous as I’m really just making for the fun of it and I hope that comes across in the finished article.”

Each piece is signed ‘Adam Aaronson Studio’ and dated.

Selection of colourful and affordable handmade vases.

Selection of affordable, unique handmade bowls.

Quirky and fun handmade animals full of personality.

Selection of large, colourful, handmade paperweights.

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