The Shape of Colour

The Shape of Colour

The Shape of Colour

The Shape of Colour is an Exhibition of glass sculptures and abstract paintings.

This June, Adam Aaronson is taking part in Surrey Artists Open Studios in a joint exhibition with Elizabeth Hauck, the well-known abstract expressionist painter based in West Horsley in Surrey.


Shape of Colour

The exhibition will be in at Liz’s house and studio in Shere Road, West Horsley. It will include Adam’s glass sculptures in the house and garden as well as Liz’s paintings and drawings.

Supporting Tujitane

There is a story behind this exhibition, linking art in Surrey to art in Africa. For the past two years Liz has been sponsoring Visual Arts at Tujatane, Tongabezi Trust School. This school is located in Zambia, close to Victoria Falls.

In Liz’s words: “We now have the opportunity to build a Community Art Centre for the children at the school and for adults in the surrounding area. I will be donating all the proceeds from painting sales to this project. Adam is donating 20% of the ticket price of his sculptures. “The Shape of Colour” exhibition is an opportunity to support art in Surrey. Simultaneously you can help those less fortunate develop their creativity and improve their lives”

Adam is thrilled to be showing his work in such a wonderful setting and delighted to be supporting this excellent cause. We do hope you will be able to come along and join us.

The Shape of Colour 1

Opening times

The exhibition is open to the public on June 15th, 16th and 17th 11am to 5pm. It is also open the following week by appointment from June 18th -22nd.

The Shape of Colour

Image courtesy of @PaulDeach


Celebration of Craftsmanship in Clerkenwell

Celebration of Craftsmanship in Clerkenwell

Adam Aaronson is participating in the prestigious Celebration of Craftsmanship exhibition at Craft Central, in London’s Clerkenwell. The exhibition runs from 16-20th May. It is open from 12 noon until 7pm every day and is part of Clerkenwell Design Week 2017.

Celebration of Craftsmanship

Celebration of Craftsmanship usually takes place in Cheltenham in August. This exhibition at Craft Central is designed as a preview or taster of some of the artists selected for the Cheltenham show. The main exhibiton in Cheltenham is considerably larger than the London exhibition.

Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell is one of London’s largest design hubs. Apparently, there are more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else in the world.  Clerkenwell Design Week celebrates this rich and diverse community. The event showcases leading UK and international brands and companies. These are presented in a series of showroom events,  exhibitions and special installations that take place across the area.

Celebration of Craftsmanship

Journey down memory lane

Craft Central, in St John’s Square is located less than five minutes walk from Turnmill Street, where Adam Aaronson’s first studio was situated from 1987 to 1989.

Adam says “It is very exciting to be back in Clerkenwell and to be exhibiting round the corner from my old studio. I found that this brought back many happy memories. The neighbourhood has changed enormously since the eighties and there is much more going on”.

Celebration of Craftsmanship

Visitors to Celebration of Craftsmanship will find a good selection of Adam’s landscape bowls and vases. Adam is also exhibitin some of his dramatic new lustre bowls. The works displayed are all unique one-off pieces. prices range from £175 to £750.

The main Celebration of Craftsmanship Exhibition takes place in Cheltenham during August. Adam will also be exhibiting there with a wider selection of his work. If you would like an invitation to the August exhibition please email Adam.

Collectors who are interested in contemporary makers, working in different disciplines, will find that this exhibition is well worth a visit.

Celebration of Craftsmanship Celebration of Craftsmanship Celebration of Craftsmanship

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge

Adam Aaronson is exhibiting a dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge at Birtley House.

Asked about the inspiration and thought process behind his dramatic rainbow glass rope bridge, Adam said:

“I often think that all people, regardless of their background, are really just in different phases of a similar metaphorical journey. Each person is seeking the security and happiness, which perhaps they can find at the end of the rainbow.

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson


“For some, however, life can also involve a literal journey. A refugee, for example, seeking a safe haven, is likely to be on a long journey full of pitfalls, sometimes needing to cross several frontiers. Whereas a commuter on the daily trudge to work may see life as a treadmill. But their journey is nowhere near as precarious. However, sometimes if the traffic is held up or the train is delayed, the commuter can feel that the world is falling apart. Everything is relative and in reality the commuter knows that their future is secure.”

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam AaronsonDramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson

Adam intends his ‘Rope Bridge’, aside from being a dramatic and colourful sculpture,  to be an allegory for this journey. Of course the journey is much more uncertain for some than for others. Life is full of pitfalls. What could be more precarious than a rope bridge made of glass?

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson

“I have deliberately created a form with bright colours that echo a rainbow, perceiving this as a metaphor for our times. What we will find at the end of the rainbow?”

Adam has installed the ‘Rope-Bridge”  at the edge of the lake at Birtley and it crosses the water to an island, which seems like a safe haven. Visitors have commented that the reflections in the water are enchanting.

Dramatic Rainbow Glass Rope Bridge by Adam Aaronson

Other installation possibilities

The dramatic “Rope Bridge” comes with the steel supports shown, (not including the weights on the base), however, if you would prefer to consider different installation options, please contact us. For example you could suspend the “Rope Bridge” between two trees.

Each glass element has been individually blown. Each tread is approximately 50cm wide with a diameter of around 4cm. There are 49 elements in this dramatic rainbow glass rope bridge sculpture, including six clear elements. The clear elements, seen from a distance, suggest gaps in the bridge, accentuating the pitfalls in the journey.


Surrey Sculpture Society Exhibition

Surrey Sculpture Society Exhibition

at Birtley House, Bramley 2017

Surreu Sculpture Society Exhibition Crowdscene by Adam Aaronson

This year, the first Surrey Sculpture Society Exhibition is taking place at Birtley House, Bramley.  Adam Aaronson is exhibiting exciting new sculpture there until June 4th 2017 as part of the Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden exhibition. Adam has been a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society since moving to West Horsley four years ago.

Surreu Sculpture Society Exhibition Crowdscene by Adam Aaronson


“Crowdscene” by Adam Aaronson

This artwork comprises a number of unique elements exhibited together. Adam describes his thinking behind the work as follows:

“Crowds have their own critical mass, but they are full of individuals. I often wonder whether there is much difference between the crowd of commuters at a railway station during rush hour and a crowd of refugees. Each individual has a story to tell. Invariably their stories are similar. Their ambition, whatever their background, is to establish a stable, secure future for themselves and their families. Is there really much difference between a refugee and a commuter? Could it be simply that the commuter has achieved a greater level of stability in their life?

Crowdscene by Adam Aaronson


“In creating ‘Crowdscene’, I have deliberately left a sense of ambiguity in the forms that I have used. Intentionally, I’ve left the viewer wondering what these elements are. They could be flowers, birds, fish, faces, caricatures, puppets or simply abstract glass shapes. The figures are not intended to be literal but are designed to resonate differently with each onlooker. They are all created as unique, stand-alone sculptures,  but you can group them together. I see them as rugged individuals, with their own personalities, but they can live together in harmony!”

Surreu Sculpture Society Exhibition Crowdscene by Adam Aaronson



We supply each sculpture with its own detachable stainless steel post. If you would prefer to position the sculpture on a wall or plinth, Adam can adapt the fitting.

You can purchase the one-of a kind sculptures in Crowdscene from the exhibition. They cost £350 each, which includes the fittings and post. The sculptures are easy to install.

Crowdscene by Adam Aaronson



Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden

Adam Aaronson has recently been working on several new sculptures for the annual Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden exhibiton  at Birtley House in Bramley. The exhibition opens on Saturday 30th April and is open to the public from 11am – 5pm until 5th June.

“I’m particularly pleased with my new totems” said Adam. “I first made totems around 1991/2 but these were much smaller, standing around 50cm high. It’s taken a while to come back to the ideas and scale them up, but I’ve been meaning to do this for some time and the Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden at Birtley has given me the opportunity to do so”.

The Totems stand approximately 2 metres tall and are composed of colourful multiple blown glass elements supported by a stainless steel core.

Totem i at Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden Totem II at Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden

Adam is also exhibiting two new “Cubes” and a “Tower”. These substantial works are formed using a process of casting hot glass from the furnace onto a steel table. They are supported on stainless steel bases.

Tower at Surrey Hills Sculpture GardenCube I at Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden

In addition, the exhibition features three of Adam’s “Bud” sculptures. These are blown glass elements supported by stainless steel posts.

Buds at Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden

The Birtley exhibition features a wide range of work from some outstanding sculptors and is definitely worth a visit, and is is open daily from 11am – 5pm. There are around 170 sculptures in total and these are set in the stunning formal gardens. This is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the extensive grounds at Birtley too.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Adam Aaronson has exhibited in the Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden.


Adam Aaronson Glass at appART

Adam Aaronson Glass at appART

Adam always looks forward to participating in the annual Easter appART exhibition at Priors Field School  in Godalming. This year is no exception as the standard and range of the exhibits is exceptionally high.

The exhibition features work by 200 artists. It incorporates a fascinating Sculpture Trail around the beautiful gardens, which were originally designed by Gertrude Jekyll. There is also an indoor exhibition in the beautiful arts and crafts building designed by Charles Voysey. This is a wonderful tranquil setting, and with its rich history, it is an ideal location for an exhibition of this kind.

Buds appART

The sculpture trail features a staggering 705 exhibits and the indoor exhibition a further 472, so there is definitely something for everyone. Adam has a several sculptures installed in the grounds and is well represented indoors with some of his most recent landscape bowls.

Landscapes appART

The exhibition was opened on Friday 1st April by Tinx Newton, the Art Editor of Surrey Life magazine. The event marks 20 years of exhibition organizing by the directors of appART, Gwyn and Evelyn Phillips.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 2nd April to Sat 16th April 2016 and is open daily from 10am-4pm. Admission is free but there is a £2 charge for the comprehensive catalogue. A visit is highly recommended and you should allow at least an hour if you want to see and study all the exhibits.

Adam Aaronson Glass at the Mall Galleries

Adam Aaronson Glass at the Mall Galleries.

Adam will be exhibiting at the Mall Galleries with the Society of Designer Craftsmen this week and will have a selection of his recent “landscapes” on display.

Adam has also made, specially for this fair, a selection of small “beachcomber” and “fresco” vases and bowls with prices starting at £25, which make ideal Christmas presents. There will also be paperweights, birds, elephants and more!

Designer Crafts at the Mall opens on Wednesday 16th December and runs through to Sunday 20th December. The fair opens daily at 10am and on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th is open late till 7pm. On Friday 18th and Saturday 19th it is open till 5pm. On the final day, Sunday 20th the fair closes at 4pm.

There will be a preview from 5pm till 9pm on Tuesday 15th December. Admission to the preview is free and no tickets are required.


Sculpt Gallery Art of Glass Exhibition

Sculpt Gallery Art of Glass Exhibition

The Sculpt Gallery Art of Glass Exhibition has now ended.

Sculpt Gallery had invited Adam Aaronson to exhibit in The Art of Glass Exhibition. This took place in Tiptree, just outside Colchester, Essex. The exhibition opened on Saturday 7th November 2015. For more information about opening hours and location, please see Sculpt Gallery

Here is a link to some of Adam Aaronson’s sculpture


Turquoise Flames by Adam Aaronson

Sculpt Gallery in Essex is one of a handful of art galleries in the UK specialising in contemporary British sculpture, studio ceramics and glass

With regular exhibitions and a collection of fine sculpture in the garden, the gallery is an unexpected find in a rural setting, exhibiting high quality, original art by leading and emerging artists from throughout the UK and the region.

Established in 2012 by Debra Blik, Sculpt Gallery presents a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. The gallery’s principal artist is international sculptor Maurice Blik, who lives and works on site. If you’d specifically like to see his work and studio please get in touch, before you visit, to avoid disappointment.



Riverhouse Arts Centre Exhibition

At the Riverhouse Arts Centre Exhibition you can see some of Adam’s “Flame” sculptures.

These are exhibited as part of the Surrey Sculpture Society Exhibition at the Robert Phillips Gallery at the Riverhouse Arts Centre in Walton-on-Thames. The exhibition opened on Wednesday 22 July and runs until Sunday 16th August. Adam has three sculptures in the exhibition. In the main gallery, you can find the group of three turquoise flames shown here. At the foot of the stairs, in the foyer, you will find a group of two amber flames. In the cafe there is a single deep purple flame. The flames are securely attached to a steel base, using unique steel fittings designed by Adam.

Adam’s “Flame” sculptures developed from his “Stone” and “Sail” series of work. Whereas the stones and sails tend to be small objects up to around 35cm tall, the Flames are considerably larger. They are usually around 50cm and 100cm tall. “The flames are really quite massive pieces of glass to have flopping around on the end of a blowing iron. The whole making process is extremely dramatic and requires a good deal of planning and coordination”, Adam says.

Recently a group of nine flames were installed by Adam in a private spa in the South of France. The beautiful transparency of the sculptures perfectly captures the nuances of the Mediterranean light.

Adam is participating in this exhibition at the Riverhouse Arts Centre not only as an exhibitor, but also as the exhibition designer. He very much enjoyed helping to put the whole show together. Adam comments: “From the outset, I noticed that there were some distinct themes emerging in the work submitted. In particular my eye was immediately caught by spirals, animals, children and dancers.  So my aim was to group the work in little enclaves within the gallery.”


Hillier Gardens Exhibition

Hillier Gardens Exhibition

Adam is participating in the Hillier Gardens Exhibition. You can view Adam’s new sculptures on display at Art in the Garden, where you will find some wonderful work by other sculptors as well.

These beautiful new sculptures inspired by birds in flight can be placed in gardens or ponds. You can either display them individually, or in groups of different configurations. You will also find three of Adam’s ‘Cloud’ sculptures in the exhibition. As well as these he is exhibiting three of his ‘Garden Within A Flower’ series.

Art in the Garden, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Jermyns Lane, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QA. May 16 to October 18. For more details: