Covid19 and our Glassblowing Courses

Unfortunately, for the time being we are unable to run our popular glassblowing sessions. We expect to be running these as soon as possible from July 2021, once all of our team have been vaccinated.

One of the features of the course has been that it is very “hands on”.

The way I teach glassblowing, there is quite a lot of close contact between the tutor (me) and the student (you), because we are standing side by side for some of the time. We are handling the same glassblowing iron. This means that we need to mitigate the risks carefully. Social distancing and masks can only work for part of the time. So we are currently looking at whether  introducing a lateral test programme, under which tests would be available for all our team and students prior to starting the course and more details will be available soon.

If you have a voucher or a booking already in the system, we are happy to extend these past the expiry date. If you would like any further information, please email us here.

If you purchase a voucher for future use, it will be valid for a year after we start courses again. So if for example,  you buy one in April 2021, and we start courses in July 2021, your voucher will be valid for 12 months from July.