Landscapes (2008-)

Captivated by the abstract representation of landscape in art, Adam has long experimented with the capture of light and colour, water and surface, within his work. Landscapes are produced as free-blown sculptural vessels and...
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Strata (2008-)

This body of work draws upon the aesthetic potential of layered structures in nature, with a particular reference to glacial deposits and rock and land formation, a theme Adam frequently returns to in his artwork. Strata is ...
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Watercolour (2009-)

The Watercolour series is inspired by the painterly methods and effects achieved by the infamous Watercolour artists Monet, Turner and Cezanne on canvas. But Adam intentionally captures an abstract quality, preserving moveme...
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Miro (2006-2008)

This series was inspired by the artistic technique of the surrealist artist Joan Miro, particularly the artists use of simple lines and shapes as part of his practice of automatic drawing to transcend traditional trends ...
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Stones, Sail, Ripple, Wave (2001-)

Originating from a single glass bubble, these shapes capture the fluidity of the glass whilst molten, as well its independence and tenacity.

Artworks from this series are part of a vocabulary of forms. The...
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Coils & Stacks (1999-2007)

Coil & Stack vessels and sculptures were formed from numerous individually blown single glass elements, fused together and manipulated whilst hot.

The technique for these works relates to coil building i...
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Adam Aaronson has developed a number of indoor and outdoor glass installations, responding to specific atmospheres and environments. The use of glass as a sculptural installation belies the myth of glass as a necessarily fra...
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